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FTF is a 125th Anniversary Journey of Faith of the Diocese of Belleville through the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults.

Jesus Taught Us to Pray

Father Robert Barron discusses the Lord’s Prayer:

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Connecting Chapter 34 with Culture…

The Chapter Guides for Chapter 34, Embrace Poverty of Spirit, have suggested as an additional item for reflection the film Wall Street and given some questions for reflection: The epitome of film villains, Gordon Gekko, proclaims “Greed is good” with … Continue reading

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Purity of Heart

Veteran’s Day links uniquely with this week’s chapter.  Fidelity, whatever shape it takes, is a component of honoring the 9th Commandment.  Service to each other and minimizing the objectification of other human beings is a challenge in this pleasure-first culture we … Continue reading

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Who are you planning to vote for and why?

There is nothing like practical application to move principles from the theoretical to the real and relevant.  The virtual conversation this question invites is an attempt to do just that, asking you to frame the rationale for your voting choice … Continue reading

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Family Connection for “Our Eternal Destiny” USCCA, Chapter 13

As we approach the holiday season, now may be an especially good time to remember those who have died. Your family could visit a cemetery, perhaps take flowers or a special token to place at the gravesite, and talk about special … Continue reading

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Family Connection – Act Justly

Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God. Matthew 5:3 We can readily find in scripture proof that Jesus and His followers were poor by worldly standards as well as “in spirit.” Simply stated, being … Continue reading

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Chapter 30: Marital Fidelity

The information shared through the chapter on the Sacrament of Marriage (USCCA Chapter 21) is a good complement to the commitment to faithfulness in marriage in this week’s chapter on Marital Fidelity (Chapter 30).  On the webpage there are resources to … Continue reading

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October is Respect Life Month

Timing is perfect as we begin this week’s study of USCCA Chapter 29 –  “The Fifth Commandment:  Promote the Culture of Life.” Excerpt from this year’s statement for Respect Life month, by Cardinal DiNardo, the Chairman of the USCCB Pro-Life Activities … Continue reading

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Strengthen the Family

Here is a link to one family strengthening resource… others are welcome to add ideas!!

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Love the Lord’s Day

From an article in Investopedia: “One of the more visible signs that consumers have regarding a company’s  religious views is whether the business operates on  Sundays. A 2005 article from the periodical The Guardian quoted Pope  Benedict XVI, who called on … Continue reading

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