Hello, thank you for visiting the Blog for this journey of faith through the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults (USCCA) with the Diocese of Belleville. More detailed information about the initiative can be found at www.ftfdiobelle.org.  (Also available you can learn about discount ordering information for the USCCA for participants of Fanning the Flame.)   It is hoped that this blog will be one more means of building up and strengthening the life that we share in Christ; a forum to bridge distance and different daily schedules, bringing people together and hopefully bearing good fruit.
Please feel welcome to participate!  If you are new to engaging through a blog take heart and jump in.  Because the “conversation” will take place in the comments just click on “comments” below a given post and follow along until you want to make a contribution. Before you publish your comment you will need to identify to help
facilitate conversation.
Remember, this Blog is meant to challenge, equip, and encourage; to be a place where visitors can be among friends and feel at home. Understandably, just like at home, passions can run deep. Remember: truth without love is reduced to noise.  Therefore, “Be ye kind one to another.” 

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