Chapter 15 – Baptism: Becoming a Christian

This week’s Chapter Guide asks questions for us all to engage:

1. What does it mean to live out your baptism?

2. Which sign or symbol best conveys the meaning of Baptism to you?

3. Which of the tripartite ministries of Jesus (Priest, Prophet or King) do I find to be the most challenging to embrace?

-As a Prophet, do your casual friends and coworkers even know that you’re Catholic?

-As a Priest, do you make your life a living sacrifice unto God? (see Romans 12)

-As a King, how can I better lead others to Jesus, and hence to salvation?

4. Parents and Godparents, we are to reflect on our responsibilities to the baptized. How do we help keep the light of faith burning in their hearts?

About Fanning The Flame

FTF is a 125th Anniversary Journey of Faith of the Diocese of Belleville through the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults.
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3 Responses to Chapter 15 – Baptism: Becoming a Christian

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  2. wth3 says:

    There are times when the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is not evident to us, yet, God is in all things. My only query involves where and how we make the distinction to quit trying to solve things based on what we already know and leave it up to God to sort it all out. I don’t believe that is the mission of our lives. With the gifts of free will and grace, God has empowered us to live our lives in a better fashion.
    As we struggle to eliminate barriers to effective Christian living, we all must be open to where we’ve been and where we are going. Even when the community of the Baptized is rejected by us or others, there is still an ultimate connection to the truth, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. The call is to openness to the Spirit!

  3. FTF says:

    It sounds like, if I understand your comment, that you are highlighting the need for a spirituality of discernment, a spirituality that seeks to discern God’s will for us – the leading of the Holy Spirit in areas especially when choosing between good choices. (When one of the choices is not a moral choice then the discernment is clear.) This reminded me of the link to Discerning Hearts which was included on the Chapter 4 (Bring About the Obedience of Faith) webpage for FTF. On the Discerning Hearts website I found this assistance in discerning: (Laurie E)

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