The Paschal Triduum

During this year of spiritual renewal we pause from our study of the USCCA and turn our complete attention to the Triduum, “the summit of the liturgical year.”  Pope Benedict XVI speaks of these three days:

“The whole life of Jesus is oriented towards this hour, characterized by two aspects that illuminate each other: this is the hour of “passage” (metabasis) and the hour of ‘”love (agape) until the end.” In fact, it is the divine love, the Holy Spirit of which Jesus is filled, which allows Jesus to “pass” through the abyss of evil and death, and sees him emerge into the new “space” of the resurrection. It is the ‘agape, the love which brings about this transformation, so that Jesus goes beyond-the limits of the human condition marked by sin and overcomes the barrier that keeps man prisoner, separated from God and eternal life”. “By participating in faith in the liturgical celebrations of the Paschal Triduum, we are invited to experience this transformation brought about by agape. Each one of us is loved by Jesus “to the end”, that is to the total gift of Himself on the cross when he cried: “It is finished!’ (Jn 19.30). Let us allow ourselves to be touched by this love, to be transformed, so that the resurrection may really be realized in us. I invite you, therefore, to live the Paschal Triduum intensely, and I wish you all a Holy Easter!”  (Read/listen to more here.)

If it has been awhile since the experience of participating intensely through the whole of the Triduum, perhaps this is the year for all of us to more fully enter in …

(Here is a nice guide for this three day celebration.)

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