Chapter 2 – Not “tame”

This evening my husband and I watched the first episode of “Catholicism,” the recent DVD series by Father Robert Barron.  There was a phrase describing a tendency he wanted to really not give as an option for our response to the person of Jesus.  He said we can be for him or against him, but we can’t “domesticate” him.  It reminded me of what the children (perhaps Lucy) said about Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia… that he wasn’t a “tame” Lion.  They weren’t afraid of him.  They could approach him and trust him, but they certainly couldn’t direct or manage him.

Looking at Chapter 2… This God who reveals himself to us is like that…  We are reminded that it is not us managing or dictating the nature of the God we worship.  What’s more, the truth revealed about God and the Church isn’t a simple academic exercise we get to “domesticate” for our use – rather it is a powerful, transforming relationship into which we are invited to enter – not with fear, but with trust and increasing surrender to his love.

Are there areas I have tried to manage, or have kept off limits, about discovering what God has revealed?  Maybe this would be good to take to prayer – an openness to discovery.

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FTF is a 125th Anniversary Journey of Faith of the Diocese of Belleville through the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults.
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  1. (I am sorry – still getting used to “blogging” – this post written by Laurie Edwards. Since others may also post we will try to remember to add names.)

  2. Pat says:

    I was surprised when I realized that God had given us all the information we needed to gain heaven. There would be no more physical signs. We would have to internalize God.

  3. Laurie Edwards says:

    I don’t think that it is so much about physical signs, after all the Church requires healing miracles as part of the canonization process. Also, while we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, we will later speak of the sacraments as external signs of a continuation of the divine action of Christ as a means of grace. But what none of the signs of God’s activity in the world will do is add to the revelation in Jesus or make available some new information not already present that is necessary for our salvation.
    Something that is especially encouraging to me is that even more than merely the information we need ot gain heaven, God gives us this information, this “Word”, in the person of Jesus Christ and invites us into relationship with him.

  4. wth3 says:

    I really enjoyed the Catholicism series. It was very well done. What a great evangelization to all people!

  5. FTF says:

    Oh I agree about the Catholicism series! We watched that first episode and were ready to watch the second the next night – but our teenage son said if we wait he would watch it with us! (So for that reason we are willing to wait – but are looking forward to continuing. I also recommend the book which appears to follow along the DVDs pretty closely. (LE)

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