Chapter 1 – Introductions

Chapter 1 describes all of us as seekers who yearn for God.  The questions  ask about our goals, what we are searching for.  We are asked how we search for truth and our response to it when it is discovered.   How about you?  Are you willing to share a little about yourself and perhaps how beginning the journey of FTF is a confirmation of you being a seeker along your journey?  And from the USCCA:  As a Catholic … “Why does seeking God keep your relationship with him dynamic?”

About Fanning The Flame

FTF is a 125th Anniversary Journey of Faith of the Diocese of Belleville through the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults.
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9 Responses to Chapter 1 – Introductions

  1. frommetohim says:

    I read this as my husband was opening the Christmas gifts for the dogs. A little late, but then it didn’t matter to the dogs. They were all 3 anxiously waiting, tails wagging for the treat of a chew bone. They almost can’t contain their excitement and anticipation. I wish I could say that I have that kind of enthusiasm in my seeking God. There are times I do, but too often I find myself tripped up in the trappings of worldly responsibilities. Someone advised me to prioritize in the midst of my hectic life. I am thankful that I have been given an opportunity to do just that. If I had a tail, it’d be wagging.

  2. pjk says:

    I find that my patience with discussion groups is limited. I hope that this blog will give me some insights to seeking God and beleiving in Him.

  3. Mickey says:

    Good to see some participation already! Thank you for joining in.
    @frommetohim: I think sometimes we try to “do” when we should try to “be”…your analogy of a dog wagging it’s tail is a good one because that’s what dogs do. They’re happy to just “be” in the presence of their master, as we are happy to be in the presence of our Master!

  4. I think the readings yesterday at Mass dovetailed well with this chapter. Samuel and Andrew both had that openness, that longing, to know God, they both had the benefit of someone showing them the way, but they also both needed to take the time to listen (Samuel: speak Lord your servant is listening … and Andrew went and stayed with Jesus). How does seeking God keep the relationship dynamic? … It puts me in a position to hear from Him, to find Him. He is faithful to answer that longing. As I grow sensitive to recognizing Him, and look at the world through a lens that includes Him front and center, then I can see his activity all around and can learn even in the most common ordinary activities. (Kindof like the sensitivity that comes when a heart can be turned to think about God while watching dogs wag their tails!)

  5. Dave Richey says:

    PJK: Thanks so much for engaging in this blog…I hope along with you that you will find the study of the Catechism insightful as well as strengthening your belief in Him. My own experience is that I can sometimes become discouraged when I see around me what can seem like hopelessness beyond measure … but then I connect with others who, like you are looking for goodness and it gets me re-charged!! And so thank you and I hope you’ll stay engaged in this and future discussions. best to you, dave richey

  6. Dave Richey says:

    And just another thought on the tail-wagging analogy … my own Golden Retriever will lie patiently for hours on end waiting on me to complete this task or that one … he does not whine or complain and as far as I can tell he does not think less of me when in reality I probably would were I in his place. I’m sure he’d rather be outside chasing a ball that I’ve thrown or taking a long walk; yet he lies there just looking at me. I’m always in awe of God who quietly speaks … He is so patient, so kind, so understanding and while I do not deserve His love he continues to just give it over and over … WOW!!

  7. pjk says:

    I sometimes feel that I lack the awareness of God. I might be looking for the big sign when the small signs are all around me.

  8. wth3 says:

    People always ask me how I can believe in God. I certainly heard his voice as a young altar server and cantor in Catholic grade school. What sense of conscience I had developed by my teen years served my choices well (and some not so well), but I always felt God’s presence, even while feeling disconnected from the church. In my adult life, having lost my way in my mid 30’s, in received peace in an unknown voice which told me that there was nothing wrong with me and that things would be alright. And most recently, marital difficulties placed me at the precipice of deciding to separate from my wife. Only to have the largest source of conflict mysteriously rectify itself and relieve the stress in our relationship. We can “reason” the existence of God. But, it’s though our experience of him where that faith is reinforced most profoundly.

  9. Dave Richey says:

    PJK … like you I sometimes look for that ‘hand of God’ to come down like bolt of lightning and fail to appreciate the much more subtle nudge He tries to impart … the very smallest acts like responding to a smile from someone you pass on the street, or taking the time to help a neighbor struggling to muscle a heavy item into their home … I believe God affords us countless opportunities to do good in the world … I simply need to be open to ‘do that good’ thus modeling for others so that they too will grow closer to (our) God! Life is just very cool that way don’t you think!!?

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